Concentricity FM is a conversational podcast hosted by Andrew Collins and Karl Magnuson, covering a wide range of topics that they find interesting, as well as interviews with guests that they enjoy talking to. Concentricity evokes thoughts of dropping a pebble into still water, and having concentric ripples, separate and disparate, emanating from a common center.


For his day job, Andrew Collins manages social media and writes for a nonprofit news outlet. When he isn’t perusing Facebook and Twitter, Andrew enjoys reviewing films, reading good books, writing about something other than politics, and playing ultimate Frisbee. He harbors wistful dreams of being a screenwriter, is glad to live in a big city, and hopes to travel more.

Karl Magnuson can usually be found attempting to work Coldplay lyrics into everyday conversations, jotting notes in a Field Notes notebook, wishing he was skiing, or listening to a Minnesota Twins game on the radio through his iPhone. He currently works as a Systems Engineer for the FAA, and lives on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.


Additional thanks to Rob Griffith for the original music featured on the podcast (you can find more music from him and his band The Flying Colours here), Rob Alvey for the graphics work (you can see more of his work here), and of course our many friends who listen and are willing to be guests on our show!