Past Episodes

Episode 001 - Pilots
In the first episode of the podcast, Karl and Andrew discuss the concept of Pilot Episodes, Andrew shares a selection from his heavy rotation (Marah in the Mainsail) and Karl recommends the book "The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction" by Alan Jacobs.

Episode 002 - DC Local
Contemplation on the benefits and drawbacks of moving to and living in a big city. Andrew reviews the movie The Revenant, and Karl shares the album "Strange Trails" by Lord Huron from his Heavy Rotation.

Episode 003 - Information Age I
The first of many discussions on technology, the internet, digital vs. analog, and how we are adapting to live in the digital world. Andrew reviews the book "The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains", and Karl encourages everyone to listen to "This American Life".

Episode 004 - Stickers vs. Boomers (w/ Luke Pruett)
What does civic engagement look like in 2016? Luke Pruett sits down with Karl to discuss this as well as community, modern day transience, Wendell Berry, disc golf, and the Memphis Grizzlies. Andrew suggests “This Side of Paradise” by F. Scott Fitzgerald and the band The Native Sibling.

Episode 005 - Field Notes
The topic everyone has been waiting for - FIELD NOTES! Dive into the world of “honest memo books, worth fillin’ up with GOOD INFORMATION", as Karl talks about his preferred notebook brand in detail. Also, discussion and reviews of Marilynne Robinson's novels and the movie Hail, Caesar!

Episode 006 - Hurricanes
Are storms and disruptions always inherently bad? Andrew and Karl take on Walter Percy's theory that "hurricanes" can be positive events in our lives. Also, the first round of listener feedback and a review of the based-on-real-life movie of British Olympic ski jumper "Eddie the Eagle". 

Episode 007 - Ecuador (w/ Jose Peñaherrera)
In the first "Postcards From Far Away" segment, Karl sits down with Jose Peñaherrera to discuss his home country of Ecuador. Andrew shares the music of Sleeping At Last from his Heavy Rotation, and both Andrew and Karl plead for a cessation of the madness of Donald Trump.

Episode 008 - Justice East Of Eden (w/ Kristy Pyke)
Kristy Pyke shares about the weighty work of International Justice Mission, and joins Karl and Andrew to fawn over "East of Eden" by John Steinbeck. Also, from Karl's Heavy Rotation, "Folk Hop N' Roll" by Judah & the Lion.

Episode 009 - Alex Drops By (w/ Alex Duke)
The Malcolm Gladwell to our Bill Simmons, Alex Duke makes his debut on the podcast with a firestorm of thoughts on film, culture, and criticism, including a talk with Andrew about the recent Oscar winner, Spotlight. Also, Karl shares about the Spring 2016 Field Notes release.

Episode 010 - Futility!
The tenth episode is dedicated to one of the show's biggest podcast influences, the delightfully insightful and ever-infotaining compendium of curiosities, Futility Closet. Mirroring their format, Karl and Andrew share listener feedback and try their hand at lateral thinking puzzles.

Episode 011 - Baseball's Back! (w/ Alex Brown)
With April comes Major League Baseball! Tigers fan Alex Brown chats with Karl about their predictions for the season (especially the AL Central), Bryce Harper and the Nationals, and baseball's changing culture. Other topics - April Fools and a review of the new Batman v Superman movie.

Episode 012 - Bad Jokes & Bad Language
What are the rules about what you can and can't joke about, what you should and shouldn't say? Andrew and Karl discuss jokes and language in general, as well as review listener feedback and the music of firekid.

Episode 013 - Rey Kenobi
A Star Wars special! Is Rey from "The Force Awakens" Obi-Wan Kenobi's granddaughter? Should the original expanded universe be jettisoned from the canon? Is the ring theory true? All this and more - including C.S. Lewis for Required Reading and the latest album from The Oh Hellos.

Episode 014 - Cuba (w/ Greg Comstock)
Greg Comstock, semi-official foreign travel correspondent, recounts his recent trip to Cuba, a country in transition. Andrew reviews the new movie The Jungle Book and St. Lucia lands on Heavy Rotation for the week.

Episode 015 - Information Age II: Social Media & Subtweeting
Picking up from the previous discussion on the Information Age, Andrew and Karl tackle some of the dangers of social media, and rail on the practice of "subtweeting" or "vaguebooking". Karl recaps a book that looks at modern pop music and Andrew reviews the movie Sing Street.

Episode 016 - Marcus Aurelius, Hamilton, Washington, DC
Using reflections from the first 15 episodes as a launching pad, Andrew and Karl cover topics from "Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius to the Broadway Smash Hamilton to the 2016 MLB season. Andrew reviews The Meddler and Karl introduces the new Apps & Downloads segment.

Episode 017 - Japan (w/ Joe Savinell)
"Astronaut" Joseph Savinell recounts his frequent trips to Japan while launching satellites for NASA. Joe joins Karl and Andrew for a recap of the newest Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War (spoiler alert: it is really good!). Also - a discussion of "The Trolley Problem".

Episode 018 - #RoarkReads (w/ Nick Roark)
Nick Roark joins the podcast to pick up the conversation surrounding "The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction" and discusses his philosophy of reading and recent books he's enjoyed. Andrew tunes in to Kygo's new album and Karl pitches Overcast as a must-have mobile app.

Episode 019 - Escape Rooms Etc. (w/ Stephen Lynch)
Escape Rooms are a huge phenomenon these days. Stephen Lynch, one of the founders of Memphis Escape Rooms, talks about his experience, as well as thoughts on a rundown of other topics. Andrew shares Heavy Rotation (Josh Garrels) and At The Movies (Last Days in the Desert) picks.

Episode 020 - College I
Four years have passed since Andrew and Karl graduated from college, leading to a discussion of commencement speeches and memories. Karl shares an album from The Paper Kites and a presidential biography.

Episode 021 - My Name Is Alexander Hamilton
HAMILTON! The whole episode is dedicated to the brilliant work of art and stage dreamed up and brought to life by wunderkind Lin-Manuel Miranda, exploring the cast recording, the play itself, and the book that chronicles the story of the $10 founding father, Alexander Hamilton.

Episode 022 - Cyber Operations (w/ Zac Dannelly)
Recent US Naval Academy graduate Zac Dannelly recounts his experience in Annapolis and shares about his area of work: Cyber Operations and Information Security. Andrew discusses Anthony Marra's book "A Constellation of Vital Phenomena" and Karl reviews the new Field Notes.

Episode 023 - #RoadToRio (w/ Hannah Magnuson & Misty Hyman)
The Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro are just around the corner, and to celebrate, Karl chats with his sister who competed at the US Swimming Trials, and Olympic gold medalist Misty Hyman. Also discussed - The Legend of Tarzan and the new smartphone game, Pokemon Go.

Episode 024 - Black, White, Malcolm, Gladwell (w/ Isaac Adams)
Isaac Adams shares his thoughts and perspectives on the recent events and race tensions in America. Andrew reviews Malcolm X's autobiography and Karl recommends Malcolm Gladwell's new podcast.

Episode 025 - Games Of The XXXI Olympiad (w/ Riley & Katie Barnes)
In the middle of the first week of the Rio Olympics, Karl talks with fellow superfans Riley & Katie Barnes about why the Olympics are so exciting, and highlights from the Games so far. Also featured - Mike Rowe's new Paul Harvey inspired podcast and music from the band A Silent Film.

Episode 026 - De Compadres
Heavy Rotation triple threat for the summer! Karl and Andrew talk about new music from three of their favorite bands: NEEDTOBREATHE, Relient K, and (of course) Switchfoot.

Episode 027 - Romney Recollections (w/ Kristine Michalson & Michael...)
Romney Alumni Kristine Michalson and Michael Schade sit down with Karl to reminisce about the 2012 campaign, and talk about working in politics as well. Followed by a preview of the new iOS 10 release and Andrew's review of Suicide Squad.

Episode 028 - We're Back! (Sort Of...)
Andrew and Karl explain the recent radio silence by sharing about their recent life updates and travel in this one-off episode until regular shows resume in 2017. Also, a quick look at Marvel's Doctor Strange and the two most recent Field Notes releases.

Episode 029 - New Year, Star Wars, Secret Hitler
Death Cab for Cutie's timeless observation, "So this is the New Year...and I don't feel any different" provides a jumping off point for the first episode of 2017. Additionally, a necessary discussion of the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One, and the first installment of the new Game Corner segment.

Episode 030 - Zimbabwe (w/ Taf Matika)
The first in a series of interviews with the 2016/2017 TFA Class. Taf Matika chats with Andrew about his native Zimbabwe and his experience moving to the US. Karl and Andrew also talk about the critically acclaimed La La Land, and historical scores by Adam Young.

Episode 031 - A Look Back & A Broken Leg
In this second review show, Andrew and Karl reflect on some of the topics covered across episodes 015 through 030, from escape rooms to Hamilton, from politics to La La Land (again!) before talking about new Colony House music and a new podcast from NPR.

Episode 032 - Southwest (Airlines) Is Best
What is the fuss about Southwest Airlines? What's with the bizarre boarding process? Why fly SWA over other airlines? Answers to these questions, followed by the Spring 2017 Field Notes release, and part one of a discussion on "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek" by Annie Dillard. 

Episode 033 - Two Miles Of Ditches (w/ Mark Potter)
Andrew sits down for a chat with Mark Potter about art, contemplation, discontentment, and more. Also, a continuing conversation about Dillard's "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek" and new music from Lowland Hum.

Episode 034 - Camino de Santiago (w/ Christy Craig)
TFA Fellow Christy Craig joins the show to talk about her experience on Spain's "Camino de Santiago", also known by the English name "Way of St. James", as well as "The Crossroads of Should and Must" and some of the music currently spinning.

Episode 035 - Memory, Exile, Healing (w/ Becky Brown)
Becky Brown sits down with Andrew to talk about refugees, exile, hospitality, and responses to these topics. Other segments include Andy Crouch's new book, and a review of a brand new podcast all about US Presidents, familiar and obscure.

Episode 036 - A Treasure-ish Hunt (w/ Kathryn Ervin)
What is a "Treasure-ish Hunt"? Fellow homeschoolers Andrew and Kathryn answer this question and more in the most recent in a series of TFA Fellows interviews. Karl shares about one of his favorite new albums from Chris Stapleton, and one of his favorite podcasts, Hello Internet.

Episode 037 - Grind Your Own Beans (w/ Tianna Stieglitz)
Coffee and hospitality expert Tianna Stieglitz continues the informal series of TFA Fellows interviews. Andrew and Karl review Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and share some current life updates.

Episode 038 - iKarl & iOS 11
This week at the World Wide Developer Conference, Apple revealed the next version of iOS. Karl and Andrew preview the features and changes, and then review the new movie Wonder Woman, and suggest a new iPhone game called Mini Metro.

Episode 039 - Vinyl
Both Andrew and Karl have participated in the resurgence of vinyl records and they attempt to answer the question of whether it is authentic or #authentic. Andrew reviews the new movie Baby Driver and Karl talks about "Every Kingdom" by Ben Howard (on vinyl!)

Episode 040 - Italy
On this Fourth of July episode, a discussion on patriotism, Karl recaps his recent visit to Italy, a podcast recommendation for those interested in radio theatre, and praise for the new album "Gallery" by A R I Z O N A.

Episode 041 - Greece
Continuing last episode, Karl shares about his travels in Greece, including Athens, Delphi, and the Greek islands. Another podcast recommendation, perfect for those who love crazy facts and interesting trivia, and a brief review of the Summer 2017 Field Notes release, the "Campfire" edition.

Episode 042 - Speak Now Seven Years Later
New podcast frontiers on this episode - Andrew, Karl, and guest Christy Craig listen to Taylor Swift's 2010 release "Speak Now" and provide live, unedited commentary on (almost) every track. Also, a quick "look" at Field Notes for lefties, and Coldplay's latest EP.

Episode 043 - Married?!
Big movies and big events this week, starting with the upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. Andrew and Karl review Christopher Nolan's newest epic "Dunkirk". Oh, and Andrew recently GOT MARRIED, so he talks about that a little bit.

Episode 044 - One More Before A Break
With Andrew moving out to Seattle, this is a midseason finale of sorts. First a review of "Logan Lucky" (a redneck Oceans 11), then Karl and Andrew take a look at the board game "Agricola". Finally, a miscellaneous collection of topics and follow up from August 2017.