004 - Stickers vs. Boomers (w/ Luke Pruett)


  1. Feature Topic: Stickers vs. Boomers w/ Luke Pruett
  2. Heavy Rotation: "Letters Kept To Ourselves" by The Native Sibling
  3. Required Reading: “This Side of Paradise” by F. Scott Fitzgerald


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Behind the scenes with our first guest, Luke Pruett!

Examination of the phrase "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo" (Wikipedia)

Directory of Disc Golf courses (Website)

Our Jackson Home (Website | Podcast)

City Leadership (Website) & #Choose901 (Website)

Wendell Berry: "It All Turns On Affection", 2012 National Endowment for the Arts lecture (Video | Transcript)

Justin Timberlake's induction into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame (YouTube)

"Letters Kept To Ourselves" by The Native Sibling (Bandcamp | SpotifyNoisetrade - free download!)

"This Side of Paradise" by F. Scott Fitzgerald (Amazon)

Andrew's 5 best books read in 2015 (Blog)

Visuals by Rob Alvey (Website

Music by Rob Griffith (Bandcamp | iTunes

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Recorded: February 2nd - 6th, 2016