011 - Baseball's Back! (w/ Alex Brown)


  1. Feature Topic: 2016 MLB Preview w/ Alex Brown
  2. Current Events: April Fools
  3. At The Movies: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


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Karl's 2016 MLB preseason predictions (Image)

Alex's article on The Atlantic: Who Gets Sued When Your Robot Car Crashes?  (Article)

Up close with Harper, from Mets @ Nationals, 7/22/15 game (Karl's Instagram)

ESPN: Bryce Harper, Sorry, Not Sorry (Article)

Bill Simmons and Malcolm Gladwell discuss publicly funded major league sports venues (11/5/15 Podcast | 1/16/16 Podcast)

National Journal: When You’re Naming a Ballpark in D.C., Politics Matters (Article)

Alex's reading pick - "1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus" by Charles C. Mann (Amazon)

The Atlantic: The Internet Ruined April Fool's (Article)

NPR: Why Doesn't America Read Anymore (Article)

Jumping the Shark (Wikipedia)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (IMDB | Trailer)

The Evolution of Superman (YouTube)

Sad Ben Affleck (YouTube)

BONUS Arrested Development reference - Ben Affleck could easily be GOB Bluth (YouTube)

Concentricity FM Spring Playlist (Spotify)

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Music by Rob Griffith (Bandcamp | iTunes

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Recorded: March 29th, 2016