014 - Cuba (w/ Greg Comstock)


  1. Postcards From Far Away: Greg Visits Cuba w/ Greg Comstock
  2. At The Movies: The Jungle Book
  3. Heavy Rotation: "Matter" by St. Lucia


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Updated "Spins @ Work" Playlist (Spotify)

Laboratory (Image | YouTube)

Edificio Fortuna (Photo Credit: Greg Comstock)

White House: Foreign Policy re: Cuba (Article)

America v Cuba: The rivalry that nearly sparked a nuclear war (Article)

Bay of Pigs History (Article)

History of the Cuban Missle Crisis (Article)

Washington Post: Life under Cuban communism (Article)

Information about traveling to Cuba from the US, including the 12 designated reasons you can visit (PDF)

Havana, Cuba (Greg's Pictures | Greg's airbnb | Google Maps)

Cienfuegos, Cuba (Greg's Pictures | Greg's airbnb | Google Maps)

USD to CUC (Website)

Vsauce: How to Count Past Infinity (YouTube)

Explain Like I'm Five: Why are they rebooting the Spider-Man movies AGAIN? (reddit)

The Jungle Book (YouTube | IMDB)

"Matter" by St. Lucia (Spotify | Apple Music)

Music Video for "Dancing on Glass" (YouTube)

Music Video for "Elevate" - spot the Cuban flag! (YouTube)

Concentricity FM Heavy Rotation Playlist (Spotify)

Concentricity FM Spring Playlist (Spotify)

Texting Guy (Rob Alvey?) Almost Runs Into A Bear (YouTube)

Visuals by Rob Alvey (Website

Music by Rob Griffith (Bandcamp | iTunes

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Recorded: April 19th, 2016