016 - Marcus Aurelius, Hamilton, Washington, DC


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Hello Internet (Website | Podcast)

"Taxation Without Representation" - Washington DC license plates

Episode 002 - DC Local (Episode)

Original Map of DC (Google Maps)

Washington Post: Obama to use D.C. ‘taxation without representation’ license plates (Article)

DC's 'nominal' representative, Eleanor Holmes Norton (Website)

DC's crusade to end "Taxation Without Representation" (Website)

Washington Post: The District is about to declare its independence — from Congress (Article)

CGP Grey: Vatican City Explained (YouTube)

"Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius (Amazon)

Episode 015 - Information Age II: Social Media & Subtweeting (Episode)

Episode 008 - Justice East Of Eden w/ Kristy Pyke (Episode)

Episode 006 - Hurricanes (Episode)

Hamilton (Website)

"Hurricane" from Hamilton (YouTube | Lyrics)

Episode 011 - Baseball's Back w/ Alex Brown (Episode)

Episode 014 - Cuba w/ Greg Comstock (Episode)

Concentricity FM Archive (Website)

Concentricity FM Aggregate & Glossary (Website)

The Meddler (Trailer | IMDB)

VSCO Cam (iOS | Android | Website)

The Verge: Is VSCO Cam the next Instagram? (Article)

"Clouds" by Wolvski (YouTube)

Visuals by Rob Alvey (Website

Music by Rob Griffith (Bandcamp | iTunes

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Recorded: May 3rd, 2016