017 - Japan (w/ Joe Savinell)


  1. Postcards From Far Away: Joe Visits Japan w/ Joe Savinell 
  2. At The Movies: Captain America: Civil War w/ Joe Savinell
  3. Feature Topic: The Trolley Problem


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Billboard 100 Top 5 songs from 1950s to now (Interactive)

Concentricity FM Spring Playlist (Spotify)

Kinkakuji - Golden Temple (photo by Joe Savinell)

Tokyo - Akihabara (Article)

Tokyo - Shinjuku (Article)

Tokyo - Shibuya (Article)

Osaka - Osaka Castle (Article)

Osaka - Man in the Moon Irish Pub (Website)

Osaka - Umeda Sky Building (Article)

Kyoto - Kinkakuhi (Golden Pavilion) (Article)

Kyoto - Fushimi Inari Shrine (Article)

Kyoto - Nara Park (Article)

Special Sashimi

BONUS: an informal history of Japan (some language) (YouTube)

BABYMETAL (Spotify | iTunes)

Gimme Chocolate!! music video (YouTube)

Captain America: Civil War (Trailer | IMDB)

Disney's movie schedule until 2019 (Article)

BBC's short treatment of "The Trolley Problem" (YouTube)

The Trolley Problem overview (Wikipedia)

The Atlantic: The Ethics of Autonomous Cars (Article)

Washington Post: Driverless cars are colliding with the creepy Trolley Problem (Article)

Washington Post: Google’s chief of self-driving cars downplays ‘the trolley problem’ (Article)

Visuals by Rob Alvey (Website

Music by Rob Griffith (Bandcamp | iTunes

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Recorded: May 10th, 2016