031 - A Look Back & A Broken Leg


  1. Feature Topic: Revisiting Episodes 016 - 030
  2. Heavy Rotation: "Only The Lonely" by Colony House
  3. Best In Casts: How I Built This


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Karl's broken leg X-rays (Before Surgery | After Surgery)

Karl's [violent] leg surgery video - viewer discretion advised! (Video)

Copley Hospital in Morrisville, VT...a great place to have leg surgery! (Website)

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Karl's Reading Logs (Website)

Patrick Schreiner's Oscar thoughts (Blog)

"Only The Lonely" by Colony House (Apple Music | Spotify | iTunes)

"Fanning the Flames" - Andrew's Interview with Colony House (Article)

#NowPlaying review of "Only The Lonely" (Review)

"You & I" music video (YouTube)

NPR's "How I Built This" podcast (Website | Overcast | iTunes)

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Recorded: February 18th, 2017