038 - iKarl & iOS 11


  1. Current Events: iOS 11 Preview
  2. At The Movies: Wonder Woman
  3. Apps & Downloads: Mini Metro


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Podcast: Upgrade (Website | Overcast)

"These go to 11" (YouTube)

Podcast: Accidental Tech Podcast (Website | Overcast)

iOS 11 Preview (Website)

iOS 11: The MacStories Overview (Article)

The Verge: How will iMessage payments stack up to Square Cash and Venmo? (Article)

Wonder Woman (IMDB | YouTube)

History of Japan (some language) (YouTube)

Mini Metro (App Store | Steam)

Mini Metro has plenty of lessons for real-life transit puzzlers (Article)

The Verge: Mini Metro, zen subway-building game (Article)

Music by Rob Griffith (Bandcamp | iTunes)

"Road to Zion" by Sea of Content (Bandcamp)

Design assistance by Rob Alvey (Website)

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Recorded: June 6th, 2017