040 - Italy


  1. Postcards From Far Away: Karl Visits Italy
  2. Best In Casts: The Message
  3. Heavy Rotation: “Gallery” by A R I Z O N A


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Karl's Instagram pictures from Karl's trip to Italy & Greece (Instagram)

Lonely Planet: History of Italy (Article)

Italy (Wikipedia)


The Lizzy McGuire Movie (YouTube)

The truth about gladiators and the thumbs up (Article)

The Colosseum & Christian martyrs (Article)

The Colosseum was named for the Colossus Neronis (Article)

CGP Grey takes on The Vatican (YouTube)

Pompeii (Wikipedia)


Streets of Pompeii (Image)

Mount Vesuvius (Wikipedia)

Plinian Eruption (Wikipedia)

Observing Vesuvius' volcanic activity (Website)

The Message (iTunes | Overcast | Website)

NY Times: Forget Filling Ad Breaks; Some Marketers Make the Podcasts (Article)

"Gallery" by A R I Z O N A (Apple Music | Spotify)

"Cross My Mind" by A R I Z O N A (YouTube)

Music by Rob Griffith (Bandcamp | iTunes)

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Recorded: July 5th, 2017