042 - Speak Now Seven Years Later


  1. Feature Topic: "Speak Now" Live Commentary!
  2. Field Notes: Left-Handed
  3. Heavy Rotation: "Kaleidoscope EP" by Coldplay


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"Speak Now" by Taylor Swift (iTunes | Apple Music | Spotify)

"Fearless" by Taylor Swift (iTunes | Apple Music | Spotify)

Rolling Stones album review (Article)

List of Taylor Swift's boyfriends (Website)

NYT: Taylor Swift Is Angry, Darn It (Article)

Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace (Reddit)

"Paper Doll" by John Mayer (YouTube)

Adam Young's "Enchanted" response (Article)

Field Notes "Left-Handed" edition (Website)

"Kaleidoscope EP" by Coldplay (iTunes | Apple Music | Spotify)

Music by Rob Griffith (Bandcamp | iTunes)

Design assistance by Rob Alvey (Website)

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Recorded: July 14th, 2017